Monday, 9 October 2017

Why to buy Resistance: Fall of Man


In the end it will probably be to the benefit of European gamers that the PS3 was delayed, since it will give Sony the chance to put together a much more impressive line-up of launch games than greeted the console in America and Japan. Resistance was easily the best of the U.S. launch games – a first person shoot 'em-up from the creators of Ratchet and Clank. the game's story is based around an alternate version of World War II where instead of Nazis you're facing off against the insect-like Chimera in a war torn Britain (naturally you're playing an American though). It's basically Call Of Duty meets Doom.The game doesn't use the tilt sensors of the Sixaxis controller for movement but it does demonstrate the improved build quality of the analogue sticks, which previously made first person shooters difficult on the PS2. the tilt sensors are used in a variety of secondary roles though, such as when you have to shake off a monster or if you get set on fire. Despite the faux WWII setting, most of the game's weapons are fantastical and, as with Ratchet and Clank, are probably the highlight of the whole game. All have secondary fire modes, from grenade launchers to homing bullets. the armour piercing Auger for example, also doubles as a shield. There are also vehicle based sections, including a particularly fun ride in an almost indestructible tank.Although the single player game is well above average, the criticism about the sometimes generic art and design are not entirely without foundation. Thankfully this is compensated by an excellent forty person online mode – a huge achievement for a launch game and a very good sign for future online PS3 games.









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